Garage Sliding Screen Doors! Add more usable space to your home without adding on!
Garage-Aire garage screens can be installed in virtually any garage door opening. Whether you convert your garage into a more spacious workshop or cleaner play area, Garage-Aire Screen Doors are an affordable way to make your home more enjoyable.

Sliding Garage Screen Doors - Garage-Aire™

The extra space you've been looking for is right there in your garage! Add additional living space in minutes!

Garage Screen Doors - Easy open and close!

Easy Open & Close

Screens open and close at the touch of a finger. The unique track with shallow slide grooves allow the screen panels to glide easily while creating and excellent seal. Creating a well-ventilates, screened in living area.

Garage Screen Door Sliders Low Profile Rugged Sill - Drive your truck right over it!

Rugged Sill

Our heavy duty solid aluminium track with shallow slide grooves. No need to remove for winter, just drive your car or truck right in! Low profile )only 3/8" high means it is also very tough to trip over!

Garage Screen Door Sliders


Your home is your most prizes asset. It has to be perfect. With this in mind, Garage-Aire has all the options to ensure your new garage screen sliding door match your home and add value for years to come.

Custom Designed

1 Every aluminium framed screen is custom-designed by experienced craftsmen to fit each individual garage opening. All our garage screen have several options for color, screen type, square or angled corner and kickpanel options.

Heavy Duty

2 Constructed of quality materials - vinyl, aluminium and fiberglass makes Garage-Aire screen virtual maintenance-free and our heavy duty solid aluminium track with shallow grooves mean no need to remove in winter, just drive in!

Skilled Installation

3 Our experienced craftsmen provide effortless installation for our clients. Arriving onsite promptly when schedule and cleaning up all debris after every installation! We take great pride in our work and respect your home.

Breeze In ; Bugs Out!

4 The last step is for you to add your customizations to the project. Your new living area is ready for the final touches and decorations. The breeze will come in, but the bugs will stay out! Time to use that new space!